Before my artist residency in the Summer of 2014, I had never spent more than a few days in Rome. So during this longer stay, I wanted to capture the atmosphere and life of Rome and at the same time continue my  work, which is based on inserting text messages within the visuals of my paintings.

Every morning on my daily walks, I passed by Rome’s newspaper kiosks in almost each street corner. The kiosks are an important part of the visual street culture in Rome, where people gather to buy local or international newspapers and tickets for trains or buses.

I then remembered a ’60s painting of Italian modernist Renato Guttuso  from an exhibition of his work in Prague – a painting of a real-scale Italian kiosk full of newspapers and surrounded by people.

From this mental image I got the idea that I could use the newspapers in my work to visually express this side of one’s life in Rome.

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